What is a CON29DW?


In a profession that demands comprehensive answers, the CON29DW dots the ‘i’s and crosses the ‘t’s.  Providing everything about the water and sewerage assets a homebuyer or their adviser needs to know. Being straight from the source means that the data used to compile the report is comprehensive and that you can rely on its accuracy.

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Mitigating risk

There are potential risks for homebuyers and they need qualified drainage and water information to make an informed purchasing decision. The Enquiry provides essential information on important areas such as private water supplies or septic tanks that can prove expensive or limit development opportunities.

Read case studies to learn how the Law Society’s CON29DW Enquiry protects consumers by highlighting problems and legal issues that could limit future development

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Expert knowledge

Specialist teams, with years of experience working directly with drainage and water data, check and review each report. In the unlikely event of there being something that’s incorrect, we take responsibility for the information provided. The CON29DW is regularly updated to reflect legislative, industry and asset changes giving homebuyers and their professional advisers peace of mind. There is specialist CPD available to support you and your team, contact your local CON29DW provider to find out more.

Complete and consistent

The CON29DW comprises 25 standard questions answered in full, from sewerage and water asset information to sewer flooding history and connection information.

Peace of mind

Our terms and conditions are there to support you and your client and is further supported by The Property Ombudsman in the case of redress or arbitration. The majority of reports are returned on average to you in just over 1 working day and are put together using the most up-to-date information available.

Looking ahead

Skilled and knowledgeable teams interpret continually growing datasets. Enquiry providers include:

• Geodesys
• Northumbrian Water Property Solutions
• SafeMove
• Severn Trent Searches
• Source for Searches
• Southern Water LandSearch
• Thames Water Property Searches
• United Utilities
• Welsh Water
• Wessex Searches