What is a CON29DW?


Buying a Law Society CON29DW Enquiry is ‘clearly essential’; providing homebuyers and their advisers with vital information in the conveyancing process. See below to view the benefits and comparisons of the search against other products in the market.

Find an Official Supplier

Identifies risk

The Enquiry provides essential and potentially deal-breaking information that can affect the property’s value or title, before exchange of contracts. Hidden infrastructure such as private water supplies or septic tanks can prove expensive and limit development opportunities. The Enquiry identifies these and other potential risks enabling the homebuyer to make an informed purchase decision.

Complete and guaranteed information

Both the Law Society’s CON29DW Enquiry and the Commercial Drainage and Water Enquiry provide complete, accurate and underwritten information relating to water and sewerage services for each property purchase.

Consistent approach

25 standard questions answered in full. So wherever it is purchased it will contain the same important property information. Supported by robust and underwritten guarantees, there is clear accountability back to the provider.

Regularly updated

The providers of the Enquiry work closely with the Law Society and other key stakeholders to ensure the Enquiry remains up-to-date and reflects the latest legislative changes.

Expert knowledge

Skilled and knowledgeable teams interpret continually growing datasets. Enquiry providers include:

  • Geodesys
  • Northumbrian Water Property Solutions
  • Safe Move
  • Severn Trent Water Searches
  • Source for Searches
  • Southern Water LandSearch
  • Thames Water Property Searches
  • United Utilities
  • Welsh Water
  • Wessex Water Searches