Case Studies

How the CON29DW protects its customers

Protecting consumers and giving them and their advisers peace of mind, the Law Society’s CON29DW provides a clear trail of responsibility back to the data source. An Enquiry result incorrectly indicated the location of both foul and surface water sewers. This meant the owner in North East England could not extend the property as they...

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A comprehensive and quality checked search

The Law Society’s CON29DW Enquiry protects consumers by highlighting problems and legal issues that could limit future development. The teams who provide the Enquiry are trained to expertly interpret water company records. One team was contacted by a solicitor who had acquired a personal search indicating that a public sewer went through their client’s prospective...

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SuDs at Hill Farm Estate

The promise of providing guaranteed support

There is always a clear trail of responsibility back to the provider; The Law Society’s CON29DW Enquiry is supported by robust and underwritten guarantees. GIS records showed a stretch of supply pipe in the South West as publicly owned and maintained. This was reflected in the Enquiry results. Following a leak in the supply pipe,...

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