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Drainage and Water Searches

A drainage and water search may be required when purchasing a property and it may be mandatory if buying with a mortgage. It provides essential information relating to a property’s drainage and water facilities. There are two types of drainage and water searches available: the CON29DW, owned by the Law Society and Regulated (or personal) drainage and water searches.

CON29DW Searches

  • CON29DW searches answer all of the standardised questions that are set out by The Law Society of England and Wales.
  • Available searches: CON29DW Residential and CON29DW Commercial.

Regulated drainage and water searches

  • The Regulated drainage and water search, also known as a personal search, answers similar questions on drainage and water services to a property.
  • Available searches: Regulated Residential search available and Regulated Commercial searches available from some providers.

For more information on drainage and water searches please speak to your conveyancer.