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The home of the CON29DW

A CON29DW provides information on water and sewerage assets in, around and under a residential or commercial property, or plot of land for sale in England.

In the last month, CON29DW Residential searches were returned on average, within:
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Benefits of the CON29DW

  • Provides key information regarding water and sewerage services for prospective residential and commercial property owners, complementing their own due diligence
  • Comprises standardised questions developed with the Law Society
  • Compiled from extensive and current data
  • Terms and conditions with appropriate guarantees are there to support conveyancers and their clients

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Celebrating 10 years of DWSN

To mark its 10th Anniversary, DWSN are developing a programme of webinars to provide support and advice for conveyancers in this specialist area. The recording from the first webinar, Top 5 Tips for speedy CON29DW returns, is available now.

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