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20 years of high standards of consumer protection and product quality – Launch of the DWSN quality mark

3rd October 2022
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Industry briefing

The CON29DW Residential was developed in 2002 and 20 years on still provides vital drainage and water information for homebuyers. In September 2021, DWSN and the Law Society launched an updated CON29DW Commercial which standardised the commercial questions and also made provision for questions regarding wayleaves and easements.

DWSN sets out clear Standards that ensure DWSN members maintain high standards of product quality, consumer protection and customer service for both CON29DW searches for the benefit of end-users and their professional advisers.

The last 20 years‘ continuous product development and service improvement culminates in the launch of the DWSN quality mark. The DWSN mark gives both residential and commercial property buyers and their advisers reassurance that the product meets the required high standards of:

  • Product quality
  • Customer service
  • Customer protection with specified high levels of liability cover.

“A search which displays the DWSN mark gives reassurance that it meets specific requirements in quality, customer service and consumer protection.”

Owen Davies, Chair, DWSN