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20th anniversary of the residential CON29DW

30th June 2022
DWSN news

DWSN recently brought together key senior stakeholders from across the lending, conveyancing and property sectors to mark not only the 20th anniversary of the residential CON29DW but also a return to more normal working practices post-COVID.

There was lively discussion with topics mainly focused around improving the conveyancing process, including speeding up front-end information, new approaches to addressing risk and the importance of recognised industry standards across sectors and disciplines.

Welcoming guests, Owen Davies said:

“It is an absolute privilege to be able to welcome stakeholders from across the conveyancing, property and lending sectors to join us to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the CON29DW. During the last 20 years there has been significant change to the CON29DW not just in terms of the questions and supporting information provided for homebuyers and their specialist advisers, but in the way that technology has supported the compilation and dissemination of that information. Everyone here today is working towards further change to improve the conveyancing process for the benefit of homebuyers across the country, something that DWSN and all its members are taking an active role in and wholeheartedly support.”

Owen Davies, Chair of DWSN and Business Development Manager, Severn Trent Searches

Read more about DWSN’s thinking around speeding up front-end information in the news piece from 4 April 2022.