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CON29DW Updates – Conveyancers’ Briefing Note

3rd June 2016
Product briefing

To support conveyancing professionals, DWSN have developed a briefing note explaining the reasons for the changes to the Law Society’s CON29DW.

Working in consultation with The Law Society, The Drainage and Water Searches Network(DWSN) agreed changes to the CON29DW to ensure that the Enquiry provides conveyancers with the most up-to-date information available when advising their clients on the impact of water and waste water networks in relation to property purchases.

In summary the key changes are:

  • Inclusion of details on private pumping stations
  • Impact of sustainable drainage systems (SUDs) on newly adopted sewerage networks
  • Removal of water quality information as this is not property specific; however this information will still be available on individual water companies’ websites
  • Provision of water hardness information.

The briefing note explains the changes and what conveyancers need to be aware of. A sample of the updated CON29DW is provided here for you.