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Simplifying the complex: DWSN launch Technical Insights video series

21st September 2023
DWSN news

DWSN is developing a series of technical insight videos to support conveyancing professionals and their clients in understanding the complex content of the CON29DW Residential and CON29DW Commercial. The CON29DW products are an essential part of the conveyancing process and provide key information regarding water and sewerage services or assets for prospective property owners, protecting them and their advisers from unnecessary risk, and complementing their own due diligence.

The Technical Insights series will explore individual questions within in a CON29DW product and set out: why the question is important, what the different responses mean and the critical areas that conveyancers or property buyers need to be aware of.

The first technical insight video on the topic of Build Overs is available now and will explain why this question is important, especially if your client has any plans to extend their prospective property. Check it out here.

‘We’re delighted to support the profession by providing more detailed insights into the complex questions within the CON29DW. Videos in the series will be tailored to either residential or commercial conveyancers to ensure you have the background knowledge conveyancing professionals need.’
Karen McCormack, Director, DWSN and Property Searches Manager, United Utilities

If your practice would be interested in CON29DW related CPD sessions for your team, contact: